Midwest Meets West Coast Reno A Burbank, CA, couple is tired of their cramped rental and ready for a spacious home where they can raise their son.

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HGTV - House Hunters Renovation Season 10, Episode 7

Renovation in the News A Silver Lake, California, couple searches for a home with a more spacious, suburban feel for their growing family.

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Builder & Developer Magazine

A Mid-Year Review: The Trials and Tribulations of Designing in 2016 With the real estate market back on track in California, many homeowners are finally renovating and remodeling...

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Nails Magazine

Sprucing Up Your Salon For Under $2,000 Changing up your existing salon decor doesn't mean you have to break the bank.

HGTV - House Hunters Renovation Season 3, Episode 11

Erica and Jeff Look For A House They Can Renovate and Entertain Friends In. Erica and Jeff are ready to buy their first home together in the Los Angeles suburbs. Erica, a nurse, wants a clean...

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