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What a Difference Art Can Make

Friday, October 5 2012

I have been working on my “Collingwood” project for well over a year.

Because my client does not live here full time, finishing the house has not been a top priority for her. We started over a year ago with the “basics”. Furnishings but no accessories, art or any other finishing touches that can really make a house look like a home. Although all of the pieces we chose were beautiful and rooms were technically complete, the lack of those details really made it feel empty.

Several months ago, I got the green light to finally finish the job. I was so excited because it can be disappointing to have the concept in your head regarding what the finished product will look like but not be able to bring that vision to fruition.

Where to start? Well, art. The house has high ceilings, and the bare walls made it feel cold. I contacted a local art rep that I have worked with in the past because while the art budget did not allow for all pieces to be noteworthy I wanted the client to have some artwork that was original. I mixed those originals in with “filler” art. I truly believe it’s all about how you present something…you can mix the expensive with the more affordable pieces and they all can co-exist together.

I commissioned an artist to paint a a triptych in silver leaf on panels for the long wall in the Living Room, and also found a collection of 18th Century botanicals for the Dining Room. For the Family Room, I found an over sized framed map of Paris for my Francophile client from a large (mass produced) art company.

While I am still putting the finishing touches on the house, having artwork on the walls has drastically changed the overall feeling of the home. It feels so much warmer and welcoming.

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Treasure Hunt

Sunday, September 2 2012

I love antiquing. Not in the fancy, neat and carefully laid out kinds of places but instead in the ones where you really have to look to find the treasures. My heart starts to race when I start the hunt. It’s really exciting when I am working on a job in which I can scavenge for, and collect for the client. When I saw that there would be an antique fair just minutes from my house, I couldn’t contain myself. While I have been a few times now, this time was especially heart palpitation inducing, as I am in the middle of accessorizing a job in which the client loves found objects. Perfect, an excuse to go!

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