My Time In Wonderland

Thursday, December 13 2012

I recently visited the Restoration Hardware Baby and Child store in Santa Monica. Perhaps I shouldn’t just call it a store. For me, it was like stepping into a fantasy land. Each vignette more drool worthy than the next.

I say fantasy for several reasons. First, it all looked like candy that I wanted to touch. Second, what kid can live in such a pristine environment? I mean, the “tea set” in the front of the store was ceramic and very breakable. But, who needs reality? I walked around the store gasping at all of the ideas….antique mirrored walls behind the cribs…tufted headboards on tiny beds….pint size benches .

Take a look.

All of these ideas provide inspiration and would be very easy to re-create, albeit with more kid friendly materials. There’s that reality creeping in again…