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Tuesday, June 19 2012

For a year, I have been working on a private residence in Becket, Mass. It has been a treat to head East and spend time in the beautiful Berkshires, even if during my first trip I experienced the first snow of the season and had inappropriate footwear. My clients were so willing to allow me to take the reins and lead them.

The home is a Timberpeg ( design, which means most of the walls are exposed tongue and groove, as well as many of the ceilings. All of these details make the homes very warm and rustic.

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Confessions of a Wallpaper Nerd…..

Monday, May 14 2012

I love wallpaper.

I love that wallpaper can make a room so unique. I love that wallpaper can make such a statement, and often be the only art the wall needs. I love that using wallpaper can give a client such a personalized look; it is unlikely that they will walk into someone else’s home and see a powder room with the same design.

While working on a renovation recently, a client was open to the idea of wallpapering her Powder Room. She said she would leave it up to me, and that she was open to something fabulous and unexpected. That was like giving me the keys to a candy store and telling me to grab anything I wanted! I started the process of shopping for her Powder Room, and came across not only some amazing papers for her, but other drool-worthy designs as well.

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